Operations Under Covid-19

We are back open for business as of Thursday April 23rd but the State is still under emergency orders, so what does that mean? As we do our part to comply with the Social Distancing orders, we have put in place some new procedures. We all must move carefully through this stage of getting back to normal. Please take a moment to review, and then come on by… we missed you!

Shopping- We must limit the number of customers to 20 at any given time. You will need to pickup a card as you enter the door, and then drop it back off as you leave. No more than 3 persons may arrive together or be in close contact. It will be a bit of a dance, but you must maintain 6 feet from other shoppers. At the checkout we will be taking credit / debit cards only.

Consigning – We will continue to receive clothing M W F in much the same way, but we will not be checking it other than type and style for 24hours. If your items have flaws that prevent salability, stains, tears, excessive wear…. they will be donated. It is more important than ever to look over your items carefully prior to bringing them in. Remember 10 items only please.

     Household -These will also have a 24 hour wait time before they can be processed. This means you will not be able to receive a listing on the day you bring them in. We ask that you create a list and have it ready when you arrive. You will be keeping it so it doesn’t have to be overly descriptive. Pictures on your phone are another quick option. When you arrive we will want you to bring your list / pictures in first. Staff will review it and approve items for consignment. Then you would bring only those items in for consignment. We will label your items and sign your list… or give a receipt if you have pictures. Should your items have damage we did not know about, we will call and you will have 3 days to retrieve. They will then be donated or disposed.

As you can imagine all of this 24 hr storing is going to be a challenge. A limit of 1 box of household items per consignor must be imposed if we are to remain organized.

All of these efforts are being made so that we can safely shop and consign. We are grateful for all of our Where’d You Get That customers. Let’s be there for each other … as always.